Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi will have just one goal in mind while he is currently away on international duty with his country Argentina. Messi is already a legend of the game of football but while he has been richly successful with his club side FC Barcelona, he has not quite enjoyed the luck and success with his country's national team. One of the reasons he is still considered as a little bit incomparable to Cristiano Ronaldo is because he does not perform for Argentina as well as he does for Barcelona, and even some fans and past players have questioned his ability to perform on the biggest stage when his country needs him the most.

But of course, a player like Messi would fancy an international trophy because not only will he be looking forward to silencing his critics, he would also be keen to finish his playing career with at least a major title with Argentina. Messi has played with a couple of talented players at the Argentina national team in the last couple of years, including the likes of Ângel Di Maria, Sergio Agüero, Carlos Tevez, Gonzalo Higuain, Ezekiel Lavezzi, and so on, but he still has not been able to get his hands on a title with the team.

He is currently with Argentina at the COPA America tournament and this could well be the last of the tournament he will be involved in for his country. So in a bid to leave a great legacy after retiring from football, he would really love to become a champion of the competition.

However, can he help Argentina to conquer South America? Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil are other favorites to win the competition so Argentina would need to be at their very best to clinch the title; something Messi will be craving to achieve.