Lionel Messi has claimed that Argentina have been able to find an excellent coach in the form of Lionel Scaloni even if the public’s reaction has been completely positive. Scaloni is one of the youngest international managers at just 41 years of age. Most of his career may have been spending spree, but he has started being a manager with the Argentina national team. After starting out with the Argentina team as an assistant in the 2017-18 campaign, he was appointed as the caretaker in 2018 and the permanent role following suit soon.

Interestingly, Scaloni has not been able to enjoy a stellar playing career and he was predominantly known for his time with Deportivo La Coruna, whom he represented in 200 appearances from 1988 to 2006.

Despite not having known Scaloni for the majority of his career, Messi claims that the national team has made a positive by appointing the youngster. Messi has acknowledged that need to provide Scaloni with time to prove himself, as he has been able to get a huge deal of experience as a manager. In recent times, the national team has had some decent results and the team even picked up the third-place award at the recent Copa America. The major test for the national team will start with the upcoming World Cup qualification. For now, the focus will be on the friendlies against Germany and Ecuador in October.

“He's a coach who has things clear in his head, who knows how to watch football and is very good at getting things across. He's easy to understand, he's good at his job and he knows how to handle the players. I think they got it right in giving him the job permanently and the space and time he needs to work with the national team,” said Messi.