Argentina understood that the largest stage required them to play their best football. Argentina advanced to the final for just the second time in history thanks to Messi, who scored multiple goals in games to become the tournament's all-time leading scorer.

The squad has now participated in five finals and won two World Cups. Argentina entered the arena for their pre-game warm-up with great confidence just like a pro wrestling team.

A large number of fans dutifully responded to their warm-ups, just as if it was some sort of concert. However, grand entrances are meaningless in the absence of performances.
In actuality, Argentina improved as the sporting bonanza progressed. Except for their third encounter, they had never managed a full performance. Losing a two-goal lead in the knockouts and coming close to doing the same before that in the previous round as well. Tuesday night's victory by the team in the match was a collective effort. On that night, they overcame any reliance on star players they may have had in the past.
The manager of a team anticipated the opponent's style of play. His rival was also open about it. He believed that he had one of the best players on the team, and he planned to use them to control the game. He planned to ensure the other team chases you while you enjoy good possession and this plan was successful in their previous match as well. Additionally, if you have possession, the other men can't score on you. Argentina went to a four and a different formation in the middle to counter any kind of threats. In addition to having an extra middleman to counter threats, they also possessed a midfield that could ratchet up against the opposition.