Edgardo Bauza has no belief on the report sent to him by the Blaugrana regarding the status of the injury of his hit-man Messi as he blames the Liga giants of not providing the complete information.

As per Bauza, he will have a complete idea of it only when the report of his own doctors comes to him. From what he can see, he is almost sure that the forward has torn something and is not in a condition of offering his services to his country.

Lambasting the Blaugrana, Bauza says that they don’t care if Messi’s body is in proper condition or not and just keep playing him through injuries.
The press quoted Bauza saying, “When Leo is at their disposal, they don’t rotate him. There is rarely a match which he misses. They don’t mind if he is hurting or what, he just has to be out on the pitch every week, but, when he arrives in the national camp, they would be quick to tell us that we should keep him fit and healthy. They should apply that to themselves too and treat him well.”

“I have got their report, but, it does not appear to be credible. It is lacking information. I am waiting for the report of my medical staff which I should get by this time tomorrow and afterwards, I can tell you if he features in the line-up or not, but, looks-wise, I am not too optimistic to be frank because it looks to be something major, tear maybe, let’s wait.”

“Leo’s a little bit tensed which anyone at his place would be. You never want a severe injury. Hopefully, it’s not too bad because the fans like watching him, everyone likes watching him.”